The 5 Steps for Beating Burnout!

And living life on your terms.

To all the high-achieving, driven, and burned out women in business, download this streamlined, one-page guide and start transforming your burnout into brilliance!

Here you will learn:

  • The 5-step process for creating a burnout-free lifestyle. 
  • The type of techniques to integrate into your day for less stress and more presence. 
  • How to bring more focus, flow, and creativity into your day. 
  • The key to dropping the doubt and fear that fuel the cycle of burnout. 

You are a woman executive, a leader, businesswoman, high-achiever, a mother, and so much more. And you are also burned out. And I'm here to let you know that you can achieve your dreams and reach your success, on your terms, without sacrificing any part of you. 

Start beating the burnout and creating the freedom to flourish right here, with these 5 steps. I'm so glad you are here. 

What clients are saying.

"When I found Christy, I jumped at the opportunity to book an appointment with her. I opened a new business a few months ago and presented a multitude of questions to Christy. She was incredibly skilled in organizing my thoughts, questions and prioritizing what we would address during our time together. Christy quickly and effectively helped me find the answers I needed and guided me towards my goals. By the end of our time together, I was energized, excited and fueled to continue to work hard to make my business a success. I felt positive and uplifted. Christy is a skilled professional and it is easy to establish a rapport with her kind and warm manner. I highly recommend meeting with Christy. She will surely guide you along towards success."

~Kim Conway, Founder, A Centered Self, LLC

“Christy has been great to work with. Through these months of consulting with her, she has guided me to have a better understanding of the strengths I bring to my organization, has gently pushed me to work towards achieving my goals, and has provided me tools to help both me and my business succeed. By working with her, I have gained more confidence, and as a result, have been enjoying my work and relationships more .” 

~Tammy Johnson, CEO and President

“Working with Christy has been a transformational experience. Through her exploratory questions and structured approach, she guided me on a journey of increased self-awareness and clarity. She helped me to recognize where I was spending energy and make a conscious decision to focus on activities that would enable my strategic vision. Christy’s coaching program has been an enlightening experience and an invaluable investment for my career.” – Kelly Smith, Business Planning Manager."

~Kelly Smith, Strategic Planning

"As a result of Christy’s coaching, I now feel more confident and secure that I can manage being an entrepreneur AND a good mom and how it all connects together. I feel much better about asking others for help and not letting what other people think of me hold me back from living my purpose.” 

~Estelle Williams, Leadership Coach


Meet Christy Venza

Founder of Savvy Women Leaders, Certified Career and Success Coach.  

Before starting my business in 2015, I spent 14 years in human capital, leadership development, communication, and consulting, and earned an MBA in organizational development and sustainability. I worked on the people-side of business and learned what it took mentally and energetically for high performers to succeed in fast-paced environments.  

During this time I was high performing, highly achieving, and highly burned out (big time) the majority, if not all, of my career.  

I felt extreme overwhelm throughout the promotions, the education, the conversations, the hard work. Through it all.  

So after hemming and hawing for a couple of years, and realizing nothing was going magically change for me, I finally decided to make some big changes to my career. At that time I had been a certified professional coach for two years, so I decided it was officially time to start my coaching business. And I was thrilled. I mean, this was it! This change, a career I loved, was the answer to all my stress and overwhelm!  

And so I dove in and picked up right where I left off; over working, over thinking, and over stressed.  

I was back in the cycle of burnout, even though this time around I loved what I was doing.  

Eleven months into my business, I was running on my last reserves and I found myself riddled with doubt and overwhelm. And it was here in this place where I finally became available to hear the message: it’s not about doing different things, but about doing things differently. Thank you Course in Miracles.  

It was time for a new perspective, a shift in my mindset, and a new way of living life. I had a lot to learn. After all, I had spent my entire career striving for more, accomplishing, achieving, and pushing myself hard. My expectations were high and my self-worth and standards were low. And I was no longer available for this way of living.  

I started my business helping women step up, speak up, and go-go-go and do-do-do, because that’s what I did and that’s what my role models did. And although massive action and giving our all is an important piece of success, it’s not the whole picture, and can lead to massive burnout and overwhelm.  

So for years now, I have been on a journey of simplifying, releasing, breaking down, and being. And I have created a more inspired, feminine, queenly way of life, where I flow in the moment and make more meaningful and confident decisions. This, I found, is where I stand in my power, and I help others do the same.